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308 48 hour test drive

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Experience can make all the difference in business. And it’s just as important when it comes to choosing the right fleet car. So to give you and your drivers time to fully experience the award-winning PEUGEOT 308, we’re offering you an extended 48-hour test drive. Enough time to discover all the refinement inside and out, delight in its innovative technology and put its efficient engine through its paces. We guarantee it’ll be a drive you won’t forget.

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The PEUGEOT 308 is designed to make an impression. Feast your eyes on its sweeping lines and smart LED signature lighting at the front and rear, alongside distinctive indicators and front lamps. Inside, you’ll discover an attention to detail, including seat massage function with two intensity settings. And if you want to take the assertive styling up another gear, there’s the PEUGEOT 308 GT Line. Which features discreet skirts on the lower body frame together with striking 18” alloy wheels, a high-gloss black diffusor and twin exhaust pipes at the rear. No doubt, heads will turn.



Climb inside the cabin of the PEUGEOT 308 and make yourself at home. Discover the ergonomically designed iCockpit with head-up instrument panel and compact leather steering wheel, which combine to deliver a driving experience that’ll make you feel closer to the road than ever before. Notice that no space is wasted inside, thanks to the large 9.7” touchscreen, which puts the car’s main controls in one handy place. And under the bonnet, choose one of our PureTech 3-cylinder petrol engines that offer the drive and performance normally associated with much bigger engines. Or if you prefer diesel, our BlueHDi technology was developed on the racetrack of Le Mans, and delivers a performance that’s just as rich and powerful.



Economy lies at the heart of the PEUGEOT 308. With a combination of lighter materials, innovative technology and superb engine technology, you’ll enjoy exceptionally efficient driving each and every day. It reduces energy consumption further with LED lighting, Stop & Start technology and an aerodynamic chassis, that sits lower to the ground than its predecessor. Not only that, but whether you choose our range of PureTech petrol engines or BlueHDi diesel engines, you’ll enjoy excellent MPG, low CO2 emissions and equally low BIK payments. Although, you wouldn’t know it behind the wheel, with a drive that’s nothing short of superb. Isn’t it time you experienced it for yourself?