Your quick guide to BIK


What is BIK?

As a company car driver, you have to pay ‘Benefit in Kind’ (BIK) on your car.

This tax means your car can be used privately, ie at home, as well as for work. The tax you pay is based on the vehicle’s CO2 emissions, so the lower the emissions (or if the car runs on alternative fuels), the lower the tax band.

There’s no tax charged if the car is run purely on electricity. It’s also worth knowing that the 3% diesel surcharge isn’t applicable on Peugeot’s diesel hybrids.

Why choose Peugeot?

Peugeot offers excellent value in terms of BIK. We’ve made a conscious effort to reduce emissions year on year, which is one of the reasons why we were named Green Fleet Manufacturer of the year 2011 by Fleet News. And whether you’re interested in our HYbrid4 range, the new 208 with its next-generation petrol and diesel engines, or our 100% electric car, the iOn, what you’ll notice is that we can give you the efficiency you need to save on tax without having to compromise on style or performance.

To take a look at the great value that a Peugeot can offer you, use our tax calculator.

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