Transition to zero carbon emissions with PEUGEOT electric cars. Our range of electric vehicles can meet all your needs, be it an ultra-compact city car, family leisure activity vehicle or functional commercial vehicle.  

PEUGEOT's full electric vehicles combine innovative design, outstanding environmental performance and state-of-the-art technology.




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Discover the new city car in PEUGEOT's range of electric vehicles.  With its lively, modern silhouette, the  PEUGEOT e-208 will be with you everywhere you go. Discover the all-new 3D i-Cockpit®, which offers a new and immersive driving experience.Available as standard, an option or not available according to version  
PEUGEOT e-Rifter
Discover the PEUGEOT e-Rifter, the leisure activity vehicle with a distinctive appearance that’s ready for action. The e-Rifter is as easy to handle in town as it is to manage on the open road and can seat up to 7 people. 
With its impressive interior and level of modularity, the PEUGEOT e-Traveller is an invitation to take to the road for a comfortable ride. There is a large interior, plus boot volume of up to 1,500 l with 8 passengers and up to 3,000 l with 5 passengers. 


How do I charge my electric car at home/work?


Charging from a Type 2 (Mode 3) dedicated electric vehicle charging point is the recommended way to charge your vehicle on a daily basis.  This cable is provided as standard with the vehicle.


For faster charging, you can install a Wallbox. PEUGEOT has chosen to partner with Pod Point, meaning you can benefit from a solution that's adapted to the installation of your charging terminal at your home. You may also be eligible for UK Government subsidies via the OLEV Grant.eligiblity criteria apply 



You will need to buy an accessory cable if you wish to charge from a domestic socket, as we do not recommend this as a daily charging solution. 

How do I use the public charging networks?


There are a large number of standard and rapid chargepoints across the country, operated on many different networks. Usually you have to register with these networks, or download their app to use the chargepoints - but an increasing number are now being installed with payment card facilities build in.

Many are completely free to use. Others you pay for, either by the time you spend plugged in, or the amount of energy you use.

To find out what there is in your area, who operates the points, and whether you have to pay to use them, visit: www.zap-map.com

PEUGEOT offers you a free 6 month subscription to bp pulse  Customers are required to provide credit/debit card details to their account when signing up, for any electricity used to be charged to. £7.85 per month payable after the first 6 months for ongoing subscription. When you create a bp pulse account, simply add your PEUGEOT electric vehicle VIN number as the ‘offer code’. Existing bp pulse  subscribers can still benefit by contacting the bp pulse  help-desk to receive 6 months credit applied to their account. Offer available in conjunction with all other Retail offers. One claim per person per vehicle purchase. Offer not transferable and no cash alternative. PEUGEOT Motor Company reserve the right to amend or withdraw the offer at any time without prior notice. , the UKs largest public charging network. When you create a bp pulse account, simply add your PEUGEOT electric vehicle VIN number as the ‘offer code’.

How do I manage the range of my battery?

The WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Vehicle Test Procedure) protocol is used on vehicles for European Union approval. It specifies a new test cycle and a new procedure for measuring the fuel consumption, CO2 and regulated pollutant emissions of light vehicles (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure under standard (laboratory)conditions.

The WLTP protocol replaces the previous 1992 approval procedure (NEDC). Since 2017, all new models marketed for the first time have been WLTP-approved. Since September 2018, all vehicles sold must be WLTP-approved. This new laboratory test protocol is complemented by the measurement of pollutant emissions in real use: Real Driving Emission (RDE).

The new WLTP protocol gives you a more accurate view of your vehicle’s fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


How can I optimise my vehicle's range?


  • The power indicator, you can monitor your energy consumption in real time from the dashboard.
  • Your smartphone, you can use the services in the MyPeugeot app to remotely set your vehicle to charge whenever you want
  • Your smartphone,  you can set your car to heat up while it's on charge and therefore conserve range.
  • Driving modes like the Eco mode or Brake mode.


Ecodriving tips to adopt:

  • Using Brake mode: Instead of using the brake pedal, use engine braking when decelerating and braking to conserve range.
  • Using Eco mode: Eco mode saves energy by reasonably reducing engine power. It's best in the city!
  • Using the preconditioning: Make the most of the time your car is charging to set the on-board temperature using the MyPeugeot app.
  • Maintaining the tyres: You should always keep an eye on the wear and inflation of your tyres. It's even more important with an electric vehicle, as you risk massively reducing your range if you don't.

Why choose an electric vehicle?


Electric vehicles are more expensive to buy initially, however the running costs are much lower, and there are tax benefits and other incentives - so for many usage cycles this balances out over the period of ownership of the vehicle. We therefore encourage all customers to assess the Total Cost of Ownership of vehicles, rather than initial purchase price.

Is electric good for all types of journey?

Electric cars from PEUGEOT, such as the new PEUGEOT e-208 and the new PEUGEOT e-2008 benefit from the optimisation of road handling, manoeuvrability, acoustic comfort and weight, which helps to minimize CO2 emissions and allows you to experience a euphoric driving experience!

The idea that an electric car offers less performance than a combustion engine vehicle is incorrect. Even though they're silent, electric vehicles are no less powerful. They can achieve the same speed as their combustion engine counterparts at the same time as offering new levels of driving comfort thanks to the silent motor and reduced vibrations. What's more, acceleration and deceleration are just as fast on an electric vehicle as on a combustion engine car.

With the services offered by PEUGEOT:

  • MyPeugeot® App: From your smartphone, you can remotely control and schedule a number of functions, such as battery charging and pre-programming the heating in the interior.
  • Need to go on a longer journey? With Mobility Pass, we’ve got you covered – with an allowance for alternative vehicle rental build in to your electric car finance agreement.
- Every all-electric PEUGEOT comes with a FREE 6-month charging subscription* through bp pulse , the UK’s largest and best performing public charge network operated by BP Chargemaster.

How can I finance my electric PEUGEOT?

PEUGEOT offers various means of financing your electric vehicle, so you can find and choose the best option for you.





Make the most of tailored services that are synchronised with your account in real time, thanks to the free MyPeugeot® app:

  • Keep an eye on the status of your vehicle (driving data, location).
  • Get assistance quickly and easily.
  • Manage the maintenance and servicing of your vehicle.
  • Easily manage the charging of your battery and the on-board temperature of your PEUGEOT e-208 .


Whether you're self-employed, a licensed professional, a company director, a fleet manager or a company car user, discover PEUGEOT electric vehicles, corresponding services and the offers reserved for our business customers.