PEUGEOT’s Connected 3D Navigation offers real-time connected services and voice recognition. It’s designed to make your journey easier and safer with live traffic, re-routing and useful information such as fuel stations and parking availability. PEUGEOT offers a 3 year subscription free of charge, subject to terms and conditions. A useful Speedcam feature is also available, which will notify you of speed cameras en route along with accident blackspots. Depending on the PEUGEOT you choose, Speedcam will usually be a cost option, but it’s bundled in for 3 years on some models – check our price and specification sheets to confirm.


  • Our maps can guide through and across up to 40 European countries. You can update your maps several times a year (for life) via USB transfer, so that you are always on the right track.

  • Real Time Traffic by TomTom Services offers live data to enhance your journey, ensuring you are informed and can navigate around traffic. Read more detail on the information included in the service below.

  • On new cars equipped with Connected 3D Navigation, this service is free for 3 years, you simply need to subscribe. You can sign up with your supplying retailer before you take delivery of your new car, or manage your contract online at the PEUGEOT Service Store.


The subscription for Real Time Traffic by TomTom Services includes traffic, fuel & parking information, as well as Point Of Interest searches and weather information. This service is included free for 3 years on new cars equipped with Connected 3D Navigation and can be assigned to a new owner within that time period, subject to Terms & Conditions. Services can be extended or renewed thereafter, for a cost, on the PEUGEOT Services Store.

The Speedcam service is either available at a cost, or included for free for 3 years, depending on your vehicle. Either confirm with your Retailer, or this information can be checked in the Pricing & Specification sheets for each model.

Vehicles equipped with the PEUGEOT Connect SOS and Assistance system have an embedded SIM card, which works with your navigation system to provide the data for these services, without any extra connection fees.

If your vehicle doesn’t have Connect SOS, you will need to data share from your smartphone in order for the services to operate.


Anticipate delays on the road ahead and save time.



Save money by finding the lowest priced fuel station in your area with real-time prices.



Live car parking information helps to find available spaces in your area.



Easy search option helping to enter your destination or Point of Interest (POI).



LIVE weather reports for the destination or any point along the route.



Real time alerts for speed cameras ahead (fixed and mobile). This service may be at extra cost.



Our maps guide you through and across up to 40 European countries. You can update the Connected 3D Navigation mapping software in your vehicle several times a year (for life) via USB transfer, so that you are always on the right track. You can check for mapping updates online, or be alerted when a new mapping update is available for your vehicle via the MyPeugeot app.