Choose an electric car


Peugeot is proud to present its eco-responsible, all-electric, zero-emissions cars.

An electric car is no different than a car powered by a combustion engine. It’s a well-equipped car with good acceleration. Day to day, there is no need to dramatically change your driving habits to enjoy all the benefits of a clean car.


Why choose an electric car?

Less polluting than a diesel or petrol car, and cheaper in the long run, electric cars have a lot going for them.


The benefits of an electric car

Electric cars will be one of the best ways of getting about in the future. At heart, they’re cars that have been used for over a century, millions of which fill the roads every day.


Explore iOn

Very economical with a 100% electric motor, the iOn city car reinvents urban driving. With zero polluting emissions and no CO2 emissions in the drive phase, this clever compact car has excellent environmental credentials.


Explore Partner Electric

With a smaller environmental footprint but increased driving pleasure, the new Partner Electric offers an innovative transport option, without compromising the strengths that have made Partner so successful: class-leading modularity and practicality, and one of the largest load spaces in its segment.

An electric car: what’s different?

Charging your Peugeot

The cars in Peugeot's electric range have a range of up to 170 km. The “long life” batteries have no memory effect, so they can be recharged without being fully charged down, with no impact on their lifespan.
Easy to use, they recharge to 100% (in 6 hours for the iOn and 8 hours for the Partner Electric) on a 14A domestic socket. For an even faster charge, opt for fast-recharge sockets to charge back up to 80% range in 30 minutes.

The network

All Peugeot Professional Center outlets all have a free recharge point so that you have the greatest possible freedom to travel.

The network of recharge points is growing all the time. Click here to view all the recharge points.

A second life for your car

As well as the transferable 8-year/100,000 km drive battery guarantee, owners of second-hand electric cars pay a net price for the car that does not include the cost of leasing an additional battery.

As the battery owner, there are no contract management problems, and the residual value of your vehicle will remain very competitive.