Peugeot Expert Van What Van 2018

Expert Panel Van

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The Peugeot Expert van offers a number of very easy-to-use features to help you increase your productivity.


Peugeot Expert interior space
Peugeot Expert front seats space
Peugeot Expert interior

Thanks to its Moduwork bench seat, the Expert van offers excellent levels of modularity to help you make the most of any unoccupied seats. The side passenger seat, for example, can be lifted up to create a space with a flat bottom.

The large hatch incorporated into the partition can be opened up to increase the usable length to 4m for carrying long objects.

Finally, your Peugeot Expert van can be transformed into a mobile office should you so wish; simply lower the central armrest to reveal a very practical swivelling table.


The hands-free sliding side doors mean that you can unlock the Peugeot Expert van and open the sliding door on whichever side you are standing by simply moving a foot underneath the corner of the rear bumper. The same movement can be used to close the door and lock the vehicle as you walk away, meaning that there is no need to set your load down on the floor if your arms are full - you simply need to have the electronic key in your pocket.


The Peugeot Expert van combines compact exterior dimensions with maximised load capacities, so vital in this segment.

Panel and Crew van versions can be specified with 50/50 rear 180° glazed swing doors with heated rear windows and wash-wipe. Alternatively, an optional tailgate is available.

Swing doors can open to 250°, meaning that you do not need to encroach upon road space when loading and unloading.

This option is available with the Long model and will not interfere with the opening of the sliding side doors.


Peugeot Expert Van trims

Floor only trim or full floor and side wood panelling are available for the load area in either untreated timber or anti-slip coated timber with aluminium threshold strips.

The Peugeot Expert van is also equipped with cargo anchorage points.

The glazed insulating partition, available as an alternative to a standard partition, makes for greater acoustic and thermal comfort, as well as ensuring the safety of the vehicle's occupants. For the purposes of improved ergonomics and driver comfort, this partition allows greater scope for adjusting the back of the driver's seat.