Partner Panel Van

Peugeot Partner

Partner Panel Van

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Peugeot Partner multi flex bench
Peugeot Partner bench
Peugeot Partner interior front storage

The Peugeot Partner van offers an exclusive modular layout options with the ingenious Multi-Flex bench seat. The Peugeot Partner has been characterised by its unrivalled modular layout and signature seating solution since it was first launched, and unlike other vehicles in the segment, it has a third seat in the front for an additional passenger as well as numerous other options.

If necessary, the side passenger seat folds away fully and frees up a flat floor level with load space. The Partner van can then accommodate loads of up to 3m in length (3.25m on the long model) and up to 10 cm high (please make sure all loads are safely secured). The side seat cushion can also be raised completely, allowing tall loads to be transported in the cab section for an additional 400 litres of load volume. There is room for two people to travel comfortably in both of the above layout options.


Access on board the Peugeot Partner van is facilitated by the low loading sill. With the same purpose in mind, the hinged, panelled or glazed*, asymmetric rear doors open to a 180° angle to make the loading of bulky objects easy and safe.

The option of one or two sliding side doors* makes loading even easier for you. With its benchmark load width of 1.62m and 1.23m between the wheel arches, the Peugeot Partner is capable of holding 2 Euro-pallets (1.2m x 0.80m) in its short L1 model.

The van's rear roof flap* means longer items can be transported and the doors can still be safely closed while driving.

*Optional feature.


Peugeot Partner safe transportation 1
Peugeot Partner transportation
Peugeot Partner safe transport

The floor of the Partner van is fitted with six tie-down rings so you can secure and protect your load. The Peugeot Partner van also has a wide range of load retainers such as the protective ladder, the half-height bulkhead with removable flap and the raised grille. The full bulkhead with SECURIT toughened safety glass and insulating felt on the cabin side ensures optimum safety and comfort.



Built on the base of the L2 Partner version, the crew van model offers an additional row of seats (three places) giving you more flexibility and the possibility of seating up to five people in the vehicle.

The rear bench seat with full integral load retainer can be folded, freeing up a usable length of 1.80m floor space.