Peugeot Partner Technology & Safety Features



Peugeot Partner Rear Vision

With PEUGEOT Partner, be one of the first lucky ones to enjoy Surround Rear Vision. This innovation makes driving easier and safer, letting you easily check your driving environment where visibility is limited.

Using two cameras, views of the van’s immediate surroundings are displayed on a screen positioned in place of the rear view mirror. Especially useful for versions with unglazed rear doors and those models with a solid bulkhead.

This system has 3 components:
- A camera mounted in the door-mirror relays images from the passenger side of the vehicle and improves blind spot visibility.
- A long-range rear visibility function.
- A reversing camera function to provide images from directly behind the van to help with manoeuvring by indicating the width of your vehicle with the door mirrors unfolded.  It indicates distances at 30cm, 1m and 2m from the rear bumper, the turning circle radius of your vehicle depending on the position of the steering wheel, as  well as the opening extent of the rear doors.

With Surround Rear Vision, you’ll no longer need to choose between improving your safety by increasing your viewing area, and securing your load further by opting for a solid bulkhead or unglazed doors.




An innovation in the utility vehicle sector, PEUGEOT Partner is available with Overload Indicator.
This innovative on-board function informs drivers when they are approaching the the maximum authorised gross weight; be it a technically permissible maximum laden weight or a permissible weight on each axle (front and rear).

The aim is twofold:

  • Prevent the risks caused by overloading (reduced road holding, reduced braking performance, risk of tyre damage, risk of premature wear and tear of the vehicle, etc.)
  • Meet your legal obligations in terms of customer Safety and especially those of the Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee (CHSCT) of major fleets.


The list of technology led features is impressive, never before seen in the sector, with availability depending on the version: 

  • Electronic Automatic Parking Brake. As well as ease of use on a daily basis, this feature also frees up a large storage area in the 3-seater version in place of the handbrake.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control maintains the programmed speed as well as the distance to the vehicle in front. Complete standstill is possible on 8-speed automatic transmissions.
  • Speed Limit Recognition and Recommendation* and Extended Traffic Sign Recognition and Recommendation* displays recognised traffic signs, plus the speed limit detected is recommended as an adjustment to the cruise control.
  • Active Lane Departure Warning* corrects the location of the van in relation to road markings.
  • Driver Attention Assist operates via camera surveillance of the driver’s behaviour and by analysing movements at the wheel. An audible and visual alert is activated when lowered attention levels are detected.
  • Active Safety Brake operates where a risk of collision is detected.
  • Trailer stability control stabilises a trailer being towed, by neutralising swaying or by slowing down the vehicle, if necessary.
  • Automatic illumination of height adjustable halogen headlights.
  • Blind Spot Monitoring, with a visual alert in both door mirrors.
  • Keyless entry and start of the engine.

*comprises part of the optional Safety Plus pack


NEW PEUGEOT PARTNER connected 3D navigation Mirror Screen technology 8" touch-screen

Stay connected via a large 8” colour touchscreen. Located within easy reach and directly facing the driver, it includes two USB sockets, an aux-in jack, Bluetooth®  handsfree, as well as Wireless Smartphone charging. The system is supplemented by Mirror Screen®, compatible with Apple Carplay™ and Android Auto.

PEUGEOT Connect 3D connected navigation with voice recognition enables a simple and intuitive search for points of interest. It takes real time traffic into account from TomTom Traffic as well as displaying car parks, petrol stations and local weather.

To enhance driver safety, the 3D connected navigation is accompanied by PEUGEOT Connect SOS & assistance:

  • PEUGEOT Connect SOS sounds an alarm in the event of an accident, geolocates the vehicle and contacts the emergency services if necessary.
  • PEUGEOT assistance can put the driver in contact with PEUGEOT Assistance, who, depending on the information given (geotracking, vehicle’s registration number, mileage and mechanical alerts via the on-board computer) sends out a recovery vehicle.

Telematic Fleet Management Solutions

The PEUGEOT Connect SOS & Assistance system, which is fitted as standard to every Partner version, means that the vehicles are ‘connected-ready’ for customers wishing to benefit from any of our connected services. Three different telematics packages from Free2Move Connect Fleet, providing efficiency and optimisation of fleet management, are currently available:

  • Pack 1: Fleet Management - provides tracking of mileage covered depending on usage times, the precise consumption evaluation and the associated cost, as well as real time monitoring of service maintenance cycles: £10 + VAT per month
  • Pack 2: Eco-driving (in addition to Pack 1) -  adds driving analysis with personalised advice for the driver: £11 + VAT per month                    
  • Pack 3: Geolocation (in addition to Pack 2) - offers geographical tracking in real time of the vehicle, journeys made and stopping times. Programming of a route to be followed is possible and an alert is sent in case this is not adhered to: £12 + VAT per month

We’re so convinced of the value of Connect Fleet to you and your business that we're offering a FREE three month trial*.  Business purchases of PEUGEOT Partner, Expert or Boxer vans made before 31st March 2021 will enjoy the full ‘Pack 3’ Geolocation Pack. 

*Terms & Conditions Apply

Connected 3D Navigation – The PEUGEOT Connect SOS & Assistance system removes the requirement for a tethered Smartphone data connection. You can simply sign up for a 3-years’ free Connected 3D Navigation subscription to benefit from live traffic, weather, fuel and parking information.

  • *Free Telematics Terms & Conditions

Offer applies to Partner, Expert from model year D0, and Boxer vans with a production date of February 2019 or later.  The trial will automatically end after 3 months with no charge if you do not subscribe to Connect Fleet during your 3 months free period.  Available on all business registration channels (outright purchase, hire purchase, contract hire, finance lease).  Eligible vans must be ordered and registered before 31 March 2021.




PEUGEOT Partner has been put to the test for more than 20 years by business drivers, boasting quality levels that set market standards. Now drivers benef from a new platform, enabling you to enjoy an intense driving experience with great manoeuvrability and a dynamic performance. 

PEUGEOT Partner has a LONG version with a well-balanced and assured look, whose wheelbase and rear overhang have been extended to offer an increased load capacity, while maintaining manoeuvrability and agility.

Get the best of both worlds:

  • PEUGEOT Partner, thanks to the use of the EMP2 platform (shared with the Brand’s recent SUVs and current saloons), enjoys dynamic comfort, assured road holding, an optimised turning circle and driving aids which until now were only seen on passenger vehicles.
  • At the rear, PEUGEOT Partner achieves an increase in payload up to 1000 kg, an increase in the sliding side door aperture width to facilitate access to the loading area, while keeping the unglazed rear doors with and their hidden hinges.