Partner Panel Van

Peugeot Partner

Partner Panel Van

FROM £19,502 *

The Peugeot Partner van is equipped with the latest technology for easier driving and even greater on-board safety.
With its driver assist systems and high-tech equipment, the opportunity to look after and maintain your Peugeot fleet is maximised.


Peugeot Partner speed gear

The Peugeot Partner van comes with a wide range of Euro6 compliant BlueHDi diesel engines delivering 75 to 120hp*. BlueHDi engines offer enhanced driveability accompanied by efficient fuel consumption and low CO₂ emissions.

*120hp version available starting with December 2017.

The Peugeot Partner can be equipped with the 1.6L BlueHDi 100hp S&S ETG6 engine. You can easily switch between automatic (A) mode and manual (M) mode with the Peugeot Partner's high-performance 6-speed manual gearbox and the mode selector that is conveniently fitted in the centre of the dashboard.



The rear-view camera* starts working as soon as you put your Peugeot into reverse.

You'll never have to look back thanks to the 7” touchscreen, and can easily manoeuvre in and out of those tight parking spots.

*Optional or unavailable, depending on version chosen.



Active City Brake* (Urban Automatic Braking System and Collision Alert) - particularly useful in the city - is a safety feature designed for your brakes. Active City Brake alerts the driver to a possible collision when travelling at less than 18mph in an urban environment and, if necessary, operates the emergency brake to avoid a collision or reduce the severity of an accident in the event that the driver does not react on time.

*Optional feature.


The Hill Assist system keeps the vehicle stationary for a moment, whether in drive or reverse, on a hill with a 5% gradient or more. This function gives the driver enough time to switch from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal.


The cruise control* function maintains a constant speed without the need for the driver to press the accelerator pedal. Meanwhile the speed limiter restricts the vehicle to a maximum programmed speed for added safety.

*Feature may be standard or optional depending on version chosen.


A visual park assist system with audio signals detects obstacles near your vehicle. It can also be used with the rear-view camera* for easier and safer manoeuvres.

*Optional or unavailable, depending on version chosen.

Grip Control®

Peugeot Partner Grip Control

Grip Control®* improves the traction and grip of the Peugeot Partner van on different terrains, for a more relaxed driving experience. Thanks to the dial on the centre console, you can chose between five different modes: standard, snow, sand, mud and ESP off.

*Grip Control® is model/engine specific and may be chargeable option.